Security Reduction

PGCPS CEO Dr. Monica Goldson has decided to demote all top security positions and lower the number of Investigative Counselors in each school down to one.

Many of your coworkers are facing demotions, loss of pay and insecurity from this decision. Security staff work with students every day to keep PG County Public Schools safe and secure. They build relationships with and mentor students, coach athletic teams, and keep other staff and school personnel safe. 

Read about one Local 2250 member's day-to-day work with students here

These workers should at least retain their current pay for one year, as per the negotiated contract between Local 2250 and PGCPS. But Dr. Goldson is not honoring the agreement.

These staff are also facing summers without pay in the future, after being hired as 12-month employees. 

You can help. Read more about what's going on and sign our letter campaign to the PGCPS Board of Education here.

We have won summer pay for the current year, and affected security personnel can apply for summer work to help their finances. 

A grievance for these violations is pending.