Local 2250 FAQs

  1. When do I have to report to work this school year and what is my last day of work? 10-month members who work 190 contract days can find out, “What two days do have off this school year?”

Go to the PGCPS website, www.pgcps.org  and  in the search box type M-3-24 (or M-3-25 for next year) Scheduled Workdays. Click on the hyperlink and when the page opens click on the .PDF file for the current school year. Our members will find the answers to their questions in the PGCPS Bulletin from Payroll Services.

       2. How do I apply for the Local 2250 tuition reimbursement?

 Go to the www.pgcps.org and the search box type “Tuition reimbursement.” Click on the hyperlink for Tuition Reimbursement. Then, scroll down the page to Local 2250 Reimbursement to find out information the program in the Local 2250 Tuition Reimbursement FAQs . The Office of Certification processes tuition reimbursements and documents can be submitted each August.