Local 2250 Election Page

2024 Election season is in full swing at the ACE-AFSCME Local 2250!

This page will serve as your one stop shop for all things relating to the Local 2250 Executive Board and Delegate elections. If you have a question that is not answered here, please email [email protected].


1) How will I receive my ballot?

a.  Voter information will be sent out via US Postal Mail to the last known address on record from True Ballot, Inc. You will also receive this same voter information via your PGCPS email address.

2) What days will the election be held?

a.. Elections will start on May 7, 2024, at 12:01 a.m. E.S.T. and closed on May 14, 2024, at 11:59 p.m. E.S.T. 

3) What if a run-off election is needed?

a.  If a run-off election is needed, you will receive an email from True Ballot with new voter information to cast your votes. Run-offs as needed will be conducted May 17, 2024, starting at 12:01 a.m. E.S.T. and close on May 21, 2024, at 11:59 p.m. E.S.T.

4) How do I vote?

a. You will vote by secret ballot electronically, using the web address and voter pin sent to you from True Ballot, Inc. If you need help voting electronically, the Union Hall will be open May 7-14 from 9am-4pm (including weekends) and a computer will be available for use. If you need to access the Union Hall to vote outside of those hours, please contact [email protected] to arrange for a time. The NEC and Union Hall staff can help you access the web address but will then leave the room to allow you to vote in secret.

5) I am a member and didn't receive a ballot, what do I do?

a.  If you have not received your voter information before May 10, 2024, you may contact the Office at 301-857-8335 and speak with Kimberly Harris or email the NEC at [email protected]

6) I am a candidate, what are the rules around campaigning?

a. The general provisions on the rights and the restrictions on campaigning for office in the local union can be found in Section 1 of Appendix D of the International Constitution. Basically, these provisions are as follows:

1. No union funds or resources, and no funds or resources of any employer, can be used in campaigning for union office.

2. No publication of any kind which is sponsored by or supported by the union can make any endorsement or otherwise support any candidate for union office.

3. Any member who has been nominated for office or who announces an intention to run for office has the right to one* mailing to the membership made through the union office before the election. This mailing is not to be made at the union’s expense.

It is probably this third provision that is the most misunderstood. Note that the right is “the right to mail,” not “the right to print.” The candidate must prepare the materials to be mailed, furnish the envelopes, do the stuffing and sealing, and put on the stamps or furnish the money to pay for the mailing meter charge. The candidate must, in effect, furnish everything but the names and addresses. All the union is required to do is address and mail the materials. Even here, if there is expense connected with the addressing, it is borne by the candidate. Candidates are not entitled to mailing list to use on their own.

7) I have a question about the election, who do I contact?

a. Please contact the Local 2250 office (301-857-8335) or contact the NEC via email at [email protected]

8) I would like to register an election protest. How do I do that?

a. A protest regarding the conduct of the election itself must be submitted in writing immediately upon the completion of the election but no later than ten (10) days thereafter to the Nominations and Elections Committee Chairperson at [email protected]

9) I am a candidate for the MSEA or AFSCME delegate role, what does that job entail?

a. The AFSCME Convention will be held August 12-16. While at the convention, delegates vote for resolutions, amendments, and committee reports. Delegates may speak on the floor regarding motions. Travel expenses and logistics will be handled by Local 2250.

MSEA will hold two assemblies (October 2024 and April 2025). While at the assemblies, delegates vote for resolutions, amendments, and committee reports. Delegates will also attend educational sessions. Delegates may be asked to join MSEA Committees.

Link to election manual https://www.afscme.org/about/governance/local-union-election-manual

The Elections results are (sorta) in!



Essence Herndon


Vice President

Kristy Jones



Princella Rather



Sharonda Green-Huggins


Central Office Executive

Princella Rather

Chapter election to fill vacant seat


Central Garage

Brian Barnaby

Jose Lapira


School Clerical

Sharonda Green-Huggins

Nadia Cameron



Gregory Johnson

Terrance McBride



Fatima Williams

Alicia Weeden


Food Services

Kristy Jones – VP

Towanna Wright


Health Services

Michelle Green

Chapter election to fill vacant seat



Calvin Lanier

Runoff between Josephine Gupton and Aruther Bonsu




James McCaffity

Nichole Jones

Tujuana Bigelow

Virginia Hoots-Wilcox


If you are in the Security or Transportation Chapter, please check your PGCPS email for your run-off ballot. The list of delegates for AFSCME and MSEA will be provided at the May 23rd general election report meeting at 6:30pm. Please contact [email protected] if you have not received the zoom invite.