Resources for Union Leaders

Building Representatives (BRs) and Stewards Are the Face of the Union!

In fact, the only direct contact many members may ever have with their union is through their BRs or Stewards. The importance of BRs cannot be overstated. There is no replacement for well-trained, dedicated, enthusiastic BRs when it comes to providing service to members. There are a lot of responsibilities that go along with the job of being a BR or Steward. First and foremost, a BR’s job is to represent members and serve as a link between those members and their union. Other key responsibilities include:

  • Holding building meetings of the members to communicate information, seek input and direction on issues, and address member concerns and questions.
  • Coordinating the prompt distribution of materials to members from the local, AFSCME, and MSEA, as well as the timely collection of materials from members.
  • Orienting new members to union activities and services.
  • Interpreting and implementing the master agreement (contract) at the building level.
  • Handling lower level grievances.
  • Serving as the liaison between members and their supervisor/building administrator.
  • Representing members at all union meetings.
  • Identifying and developing new union leaders.

BRs and Stewards are critical to the development of a full capacity local!

AFSCME Steward Handbook

Handling Grievances

Training Videos

Representing Co-Workers