August 28, 2020: Message from President Diggs

August 282020

Greetings Brothers and Sisters,

Yesterday's announcement from Governor Hogan and Superintendent Salmon does not mean that we are going back to school immediately. IndeedPGCPS Board of Education Chair Alvin Thornton said following the announcement "We have listened to parents and our community in making decisions that prioritize our students needs. At this time , we have no plans to change course in reopening PGCPS."

We must make sure that educators studentsand families are safe before reopeningAdequate personal protective equipment (PPE)ventilation, sanitation social distancing, and other medically-recommended safety requirements should be in place to ensure that our schools are safe places for working and learningRight now we have not seen the funding to make those steps happenand the $10 million being offered by the state to schools that choose to reopen is a drop in the bucket of addressing existing needsas our understanding is that it would be spread across the state.

We've seen Towson University here in Marylandand other colleges and public schools across the countryreopen only to quickly shut back down due to the spread of coronavirus. We must do better in our schools and countyWe encourage you to contact school board members and ask them to continue to prioritize the health and safety of educatorsstudents and families during these challenging times .

In solidarity, 

Martin Diggs, President

ACE-AFSCME Local 2250