Patricia Bobbitt

School Clerical Chapter Representative

As a member of the Executive Board, I represent the Clerical Chapter.

The Clerical Chapter represents all PGCPS School Clerical Employees (not including Central Office employees). I work as the Principal's Secretary at Martin Luther King Jr Middle School. The Clerical Chapter currently has 481 members.

I have been in the PGCPS system for 10 years. During that time, I have been a Varsity Cheer coach for Northwestern HS and High Point High Schools and worked in Building Services. I have joined the union for each of the positions I have been in. As an Alumna of the PGPS system myself (Bowie High School), I take pride in Prince George's County and what it stands for.

I hope to bring empathy and constructive communication to this chapter. I believe we all have a voice and should be able to express it in a productive manner.  I also hope to bring more participation from members and positive actions to the team. We are all in this together.