Leatrice Wharton

School Clerical Chapter Representative

Leatrice Wharton is elated to serve a second term as the School Clerical Chapter Representative on the Executive Board of ACE-AFSCME Local 2250.  Leatrice graduated from Oxon Hill High School and has been a dedicated Prince Georges County employee since 2012.  

Although, her primary duties have been as a guidance secretary at Crossland High School she continues to grow with continuous professional development and up-dating her exceptional leadership skills. 

Leatrice has consistently demonstrated loyalty, a strong sense of commitment and an ability to rise to challenges.  

This two-year term Leatrice is committed to recruiting the school clerical participation and awareness. Leatrice desires to aid the school clerical members with knowledge of the Local 2250 contract, utilizing their membership benefits.

Leatrice's favorite past time is sitting by a campfire, on a pier holding a fishing rod or pulling in a Maryland Blue Crab with a chicken line.