ACE-AFSCME Local 2250

A Message from your President, Martin Diggs

I hope you and your families are keeping safe during this pandemic. I am Martin Diggs the President of ACE-AFSCME Local 2250. I am sending you a heartfelt thank you out to all my brothers and sisters for doing a great job. Many of you do fantastic job at work with very little recognition. But I am here to say thank you for what you do. Many of you telework or go into a building each and every week. Please keep up the good work you are doing as there are people out here that appreciate what you do.

As we move closer to Election Day on November 3, AFSCME International and I are urging you to vote for Biden and Harris ticket. This is the presidential candidate your union is supporting. If you do not know Governor Hogan has vetoed Maryland’s blueprint for education. We need individuals in place that will support your ideas of living a happy, healthy and meaningful life. 

I’ve heard members say, “What is the union doing for me”? - never forget YOU are the union. If there are issues arising don’t wait until a chapter meeting. Check out our website and under resources there is a link to complete an employee intake form. Send us an email detailing the particulars of your issue. Phone calls are not enough we need a paper trail.

As we draw closer to school reopening, please know that your union is working with county officials to make sure you come back to safe working environment. We all understand the need to have proper PPE, cleaning and disinfecting of buildings and vehicles. Know that your local in well engaged with management on many issues. But if you have any suggestions please feel free to reach out to your union using our website:

Remember we can all do great things as we stand ACE-AFSCME strong.

In Solidarity, 

Martin Diggs, ACE-AFSCME Local 2250 President

On this National Library Workers Day, AFSCME library workers deserve to be recognized for the value they bring to ou

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh is getting a big promotion.

Georgia Veiga has been a proud member of AFSCME New Jersey Local 3440 for the last 17 years.

School Support Staff of PGCPS are the Unsung Heroes in Education

Many have risked their lives daily during this pandemic by working on the frontlines, while others have proved to be an essential part in the operation of schools. The dedication of these workers doesn’t deserve to be rewarded with furloughs, reductions in staff or pink slips.

The School and Safety Report from CEO Dr. Monica Goldson recommends:

  • Putting the safety of 131,657 students in jeopardy
  • Affecting PGCPS support staff’s ability to earn and maintain a living wage
  • Damaging student relationships with our trained support staff

Tell the PGCPS Board of Education and the County Executive to vote NO on these proposals!

The Board of Education must act now to ensure that students don’t continue to feel the impact of losing vital support staff just when they need them the most. Every support staff member matters for the safety and education of our students. Join us in the fight today for a better tomorrow.

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